There are two Discords available.  We Profit Day and Night is Stock Curry’s Discord, which includes Coaching from Stock Curry and his team of coaches.  Lucrum Investing is a day trading discord that includes trade alerts from dozens of traders.

We Profit Day and Night

VIP Discord & Coaching Program

Stock Curry’s Discord comes complete with classes, coaching, and trade alerts. More information can be found at weprofitdayandnight.com.

Lucrum Investing

7 Day Free Trial.
$15 / Month for Starter.
$35 / Month for VIP.

Over 60 analysts just like Stock Curry are available to help you 24/7 with day trading alerts and trade ideas.

This is a platform for your investing ideas and insight. Inside you will have access to a plethora of analyst and other like minded people ready to help you with questions and investment ideas!

  • 7 Day Free Trial
  • Discuss Stocks, Options, Crypto, Futures, FOREX, and more
  • 14 Stock Analysts
  • 16 Option Analysts
  • 19 Crypto Analysts
  • 3 FOREX Analysts
  • Analyst Trade Alerts
  • Due Diligence & News Channels
  • Sweep Alerts
  • Darkpool Trade Alerts
  • Educational Material
  • VIP Only – Chat Rooms Dedicated to different trading styles (stocks, options, crypto, and more)
  • VIP Only – Chat with analysts, get free chart analysis, and get answers to your questions from experienced traders
  • VIP Only – Watch live day trading and speak with analysts live as they trade
  • VIP Only – Join live training sessions and get immediate answers to your questions about the training topic