Free & Paid Discords

There are two Discords available.  We Profit Day and Night is Stock Curry’s free Discord.  Lucrum Investing is a paid discord, and is best if you are interested in day trading.

We Profit Day and Night

Free Discord

Peer to peer Discord where you can ask questions, get help, and learn together.

This is a free group Stock Curry created to discuss stocks, options, and crypto with other traders.

  • Get Answers to Your Questions
  • Discuss Stocks, Options, Crypto
  • Learn How to Trade from Your Peers

Fill out the application below to join the free discord. A link to join the discord will be emailed to you once you are approved.

VIP Discord

You can also upgrade to VIP Membership to gain access to Stock Curry’s trade alerts and coaching.  Click here to learn more about coaching.

Lucrum Investing

7 Day Free Trial.
$15 / Month for Starter.
$35 / Month for VIP.

Over 60 analysts just like Stock Curry are available to help you 24/7 with day trading alerts and trade ideas.

This is a platform for your investing ideas and insight. Inside you will have access to a plethora of analyst and other like minded people ready to help you with questions and investment ideas!

  • 7 Day Free Trial
  • Discuss Stocks, Options, Crypto, Futures, FOREX, and more
  • 14 Stock Analysts
  • 16 Option Analysts
  • 19 Crypto Analysts
  • 3 FOREX Analysts
  • Analyst Trade Alerts
  • Due Diligence & News Channels
  • Sweep Alerts
  • Darkpool Trade Alerts
  • Educational Material
  • VIP Only – Chat Rooms Dedicated to different trading styles (stocks, options, crypto, and more)
  • VIP Only – Chat with analysts, get free chart analysis, and get answers to your questions from experienced traders
  • VIP Only – Watch live day trading and speak with analysts live as they trade
  • VIP Only – Join live training sessions and get immediate answers to your questions about the training topic