Beginner Courses

These courses teach you how to start making money trading stocks, options, and crypto.  Start here if you are struggling to make money, always seem to buy and sell at the worst times, are confused over terminology and acronyms, or just feel like you have no idea what you’re doing.  These courses will teach you the basic rules to making money in the stock market on a consistent basis.  After taking these courses, you will be more knowledge than 90% of retail traders.

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Fast Track to Trading Success

This course quickly shows you how to consistently make money in the stock market. You'll learn how to manage your emotions, how to perform basic fundamental and technical analysis, how to find buying opportunities, how to avoid buying at the top (FOMO), how to avoid selling at the bottom (FUD), and how to diversify and manage risk.

How to Set Up Webull for Trading Success

In this Webull setup tutorial, I show you how to setup Webull for trading success. I show you how to setup your charts and how to add Exponential Moving Averages (Webull EMA Line Setup), Relative Strength Index (Webull RSI setup), and Moving Average Convergence Divergence (Webull MACD Setup).

Introduction to Options

Stocks can help you retire, but options can make you rich! This course teaches you the basics of trading options. You'll learn what puts and calls are, how to understand the greeks (delta, gama, theta, vega), and how professional options traders make money by selling options instead of buying them. You will also learn how you can sell options using covered calls and cash secured puts.

Advanced Courses

These courses teach you how to make massive profits trading stocks, options, and crypto.  If you’re interested in building an income you can retire on, want to quit your job, or are just tired of making a measly 8% per year in the markets, these courses are for you.  These courses build on the basic understandings of investing and technical analysis, and add strategies very few investors know about.  In these courses, I teach you the same strategies investment banks, hedge funds, and money managers use to generate millions of dollars in profits each year.

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Swing Trading Strategies

Professional stock traders who don't want to trade options use swing trading to consistently beat the market. Swing trading is the art of finding patterns in the market, and then using those patterns to generate returns that far exceed the overall market average. Best used in low volatility bull markets, swing trading can generate returns of 30% or more each year. This course will teach you how to find swing trading opportunities, and how to time your buys and sells to maximize profits.

Requirements: A basic understanding of technical analysis.

Multi-Leg Options Strategies

Professional options traders sell options using multi-leg options strategies. These strategies are profitable 80% of the time, and often generate 100% or higher returns. Many retail traders have used these strategies to turn small accounts of less than $25,000 into huge accounts worth more than $1,000,000. These are the strategies that professional options traders use to get rich, and now you can learn these same strategies.

Requirements: A basic understanding of options, an active margin account with a minimum of $2,000, and broker approval to trade multi-leg options (Level 3 with most brokers).

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Crypto Futures Strategies

Professional crypto traders make money using futures. Futures are both incredibly simple and incredibly risky at the same time. If you know what you're doing, you can make massive profits with futures thanks to very generous leverage (often as high as 100X). But if you don't know what you're doing, you can lose your entire portfolio value in minutes. This course will teach you how to make massive profits trading crypto, how to manage risk, and how to secure your profits.

Requirements: A basic understanding of crypto trading, access to a broker that provides futures trading, and broker approval for futures trading.

More Courses

More courses are available at Stock Curry Education.