We Profit Day and Night
Coaching Program

New Coaching Program Coming Soon!

The new We Profit Day and Night Coaching Program is coming soon.

I hope to have slots open for this new coaching program by the end of October, so check back soon!

Coaching Agreement

By joining the We Profit Day and Night Coaching Program, you agree that:

  1. Coaching is not financial advice. No speech, text, images, or other conveyance of information is a recommendation to buy, sell, or hold any asset. All speech text, images, and other conveyance of information are only the coach’s opinions, which may or may not be accurate. Please do your own research before investing in any asset.

  2. Coaching is not portfolio management. Coaches can not review your portfolio, and can not make recommendations on weightings, holdings, what to buy, what to sell, or any other portfolio advice.

  3. Coaching is generalized, and is designed to help you become a better trader. Coaches will help you become a better trader through help setting up trades you select, optimizing trades you select, learning different trading strategies, learning how to trade options, learning technical analysis, learning fundamental analysis, learning risk management, and other general strategies and knowledge that is generic to trading, and not related to any specific trade.

  4. All coaching calls will be recorded and posted for future review. If you join a coaching call, you agree to being recorded, and you agree that the recordings may be shared publicly at any point in the future.

  5. All information conveyed by coaches is intellectual property of Severe Videos, LLC, and may not be shared or otherwise distributed without prior written permission from Severe Videos, LLC. This includes, but is not limited to, all correspondence in the VIP COACHING, VIP EDUCATION, and VIP MEMBERSHIP groups. Severe Videos, LLC is owned in whole by Scott E Curry.

Subscription Agreement

By joining the We Profit Day and Night Coaching Program, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

PAYMENTS: If you are paying monthly, you will be charged each month on the anniversary of the day you signed up. So if you signed up for We Profit Day and Night Coaching Program on the 10th of March, you will be charged on the 10th of each month. If you are paying annually, your membership will not automatically renew; we will instead call you to discuss your renewal options.
FAILED PAYMENTS: If your payment fails, we will re-try your payment automatically. If your payment continues to fail, you will lose access to the Coaching Program. If you lose your membership, you will need to sign up again to re-start your membership at the current membership rate. If you were paying a discounted rate, you will lose your discount.
REFUNDS: No refunds will given for any reason. Even if you are kicked from the discord server due to breaking rules, you will not be refunded. If you cancel, you will continue to have access to the We Profit Day and Night Coaching Program through the end of your billing cycle.
CANCELLATIONS: To cancel your monthly subscription to the We Profit Day and Night Coaching Program, please refer to your Launchpass subscription or monthly billing email. If you no longer have any emails from Launchpass, you can type the word cancel in the Lauchpass direct message.  Then click the link Launchpass sends you, and follow the instructions from there. Annual subscriptions do not automatically renew.